Download PCAP from reporter using local FTP
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Download PCAP from reporter using local FTP


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Reporter-VA Reporter-S500 Reporter


Need to get PCAP from reporter to troubleshoot issue.  


Release : Reporter 10.X and above 

Component :Local FTP


Run 'pcap start' recreate the issue and then run 'pcap stop'

The pcap files needs to uploaded to FTP , We can use reporters local FTP.

Check if local FTP is enable, If yes you will need user/password for that FTP user.


Run command – 

pcap transfer ftp:// <reporter IP> /db_backups/pcap.pcap ftp ftp

db_backups is a directory for DB backup in repoter , But you can use any other directory on reporter.

Use FileZilla / WinSCP to download the file. 

Additional Information

You might encounter an issue where running the command - "ftp transfer" might result in an error below:

"% failed Internal error"

This is because the proxy setting is enabled and Reporter seems to be trying to connect externally.

Disable the proxy setting and it will resolve the issue.