Load balancer health check (Server Status)
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Load balancer health check (Server Status)


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You used niku/wsdl to connect with our Load balancer and check the server status. Since 15.8.1 this no longer works. What is the recommended URL to use with Load balancer to perform a health server status check? 


Release : Any Supported Clarity releases


We have added multiple changes for securability purposes to Clarity.

To perform a health server status check we have a special URL you can use. To enable it please do the following:

  1. In properties.xml on all the servers in cluster set the following:
    <accessToServerStatus allow="StatusResource"/>
  2. Save and restart the services
  3. Point the load balancer to monitor this URL (serverstatus)

Note: the URL http(s)://<servername>:<port>/niku/serverstatus/status?run=MEMORY_STATS is accessible normally in browser and will trigger an HTTP 200 response.