How to check the owner for scheduled jobs that have been updated by another user.
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How to check the owner for scheduled jobs that have been updated by another user.


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Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

In CCS 12.5.1 there was new functionality added that a CCS Administrator user was able to run, schedule or delete an existing scheduled job created by another CCS user.

From the CCS 12.5.1 Release notes:

A problem arose that once that a user edited the schedule of a job that was owned by a different CCS user, CCS would then run that scheduled job as that user that made the edit in the job.  This change of ownership is not reflected in the CCS console, which still shows the original user as the owner, which can cause some confusion to which user needs to enter in their AD user password into CCS so that CCS would be able to run that scheduled job as that user.


Release: CCS 12.5.x and CCS 12.6.x

Component: CCS Application server, CSM_DB database.


To determine what user credentials are going to be used to run the scheduled job, information will need to be obtained in the CSM_Db database and then reference ADAM to see the associated job that will need to be updated by the correct CCS user.

  1.  Go to the [CSM_DB].[dbo].[bv_ScheduledItemScheduleInfos] in the CSM_Db database to get the needed information on the current owner of the scheduled job run.  The 'SSI_Author' column shows the current owner of the scheduled job, and the SSI_ScheduledItemUID column has the ADAM hash of the scheduled job name.

    NOTE: Do not make changes directly to the CSM_Db database.  Making changes directly to the database is not supported and could cause unforeseen issues.  Make all changes to the scheduled job in the CCS console. 

  2. To see which scheduled CCS job is associated with that owner, on the Application Server use Microsoft's ADSI Edit utility to find what job is associated with the 'SSI_ScheduledItemUID' hash.
    As the CCS Service account, run ADSI Edit and connect using the following settings:

    Once connected, Right-click on ADAM in the left side panel and select New > Query.

    Name the query and select Browse.  Select Infrastructure > App Server -> Jobs:

    In the 'Query String' section, put '<ID_From_'SSI_ScheduledItemUID>' from the SQL table from Step 1.  Click Ok.

    The new query you just made will show up in the left panel.  Click on the query.

    Double-click on the query results (in the middle panel) to bring up the query details and scroll down until you see the 'symc-AppServerJob-Name' Attribute, and that will show the name of the CCS job in the 'Value' column.

    Log in to the CCS console as the user (must have CCS administrator role or equivalent) you would like to own that scheduled job, and edit that job (you don't have to change anything) but save that job so that the user is updated in the database.  Now that scheduled job will run as the user.