Last_IO_Errno: 13117 - master and slave have equal MySQL server UUIDs MYSQL 8 Layer 7 Gateway 10


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CA API Gateway


New cluster deployment setting up replication getting the following error, 

Last_IO_Errno: 13117
Last_IO_Error: Fatal error: The slave I/O thread stops because master and slave have equal MySQL server UUIDs; these UUIDs must be different for replication to work.

On Gateway 10 running mysql8.


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


Compare the output of,
more /var/lib/mysql/auto.cnf 
If the server ids are the same,
1) Make a backup copy on node2. 
cp /var/lib/mysql/auto.cnf /var/lib/mysql/auto.orig
2) Stop mysql
# service mysql stop
3) Move the file to /tmp
# mv /var/lib/mysql/auto.cnf /tmp/autocnf
4) Restart mysql
# service mysql start

And recreate/reinitialize replication if required.