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 There are several PTFs that show that "Avoidance of module mismatch related errors in an Xmanager".   What runtime library is being updated? HGHLVL.CDBALOAD and DB2 SDSNLOAD are in the STEPLIB for XManager.  CDBALOAD is the PTILIB and CDBAPXMP is the PXMPARM DD.  Unclear what is exactly happening here.  Have never had to stop data collectors and XManager tasks before when we apply maintenance.  Only on an upgrade.  Please clarify.

  1. Stop product collections.
  2. Stop the Xmanager task.
  3. Update the runtime library.
  4. Restart the Xmanager task.


Please do not apply maintenance to the Xmanager runtime libraries with Xmanager active as it may result in a discrepancy between dynamically loaded components and statically loaded components.      

This may result in unpredictable behavior with CA-DB2 tools and/or may compromise the operating system/DB2 including possible failures.     




Release : 20.0

Component : CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


IEW4008I error and different abends will occur because  the Xmanager task modules and the load library became out of sync. 

In our documentation we  state that the Xmanager should be down when applying maintenance