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WAC : Unable to connect to Web Service({}HTTP)


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CA Client Automation - Asset Management CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation CA Client Automation - Patch Manager


Web Admin Console could not be opened and following error is returned :

Unable to connect to Web Service({}HTTP)

Following error could also be returned :

HTTP 401.1 You are not authorized to view this page


Warning:Unable to connect to Web Service({}Server.userException)



The following URL also returns an error :



The XML page cannot be displayed

Access is denied. Error processing resource ''.


Internal Error - HTTP 500



This issue is caused by having the lack of Read Execute Permissions on folders in the CA directory structure. 



CA Client Automation - All Versions


Some checking should be made :


  1.   Check that Local Users group has NTFS Read/Execute rights on following directories:


         ....\CA\DSM\Web Console





  1.   In Computer Management, check that user IUSR_<computername> is not disabled or locked

  1.  Check in Local Security Settings - User Rights Assignment that user IUSR_<computername>

     or group Guests appears DOES NOT appear in Deny access to this computer from the network.

     If it appears, remove user IUSR_<computername> or/and group Guests

  1.  If group guests must be present in "Deny access to this computer from the network.",

     then remove the user IUSR_<computername> from group Guests in Computer Management