Customized PBD file to instrument own DLL file is not working.
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Customized PBD file to instrument own DLL file is not working.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



  PBD file was put into <Agent_Home>\wily\hotdeploy Directory and the AcceptController is set to true, so the file is skipped.
  When AcceptController is set to true, putting a pbd file into the hotdeploy folder will not work.



  1. Set AcceptController to false
    introscope.autoprobeconnector.acceptcontroller.enable=true by removing the #
    sign in front of it in the IntroscopeAgent.Profile. This property controls whether AcceptController will be enabled.

  2. Move the pbd out of hotdeploy folder
    To apply PBDs without the hotdeploy directory:
    Copy custom or modified files (PBDs and PBLs) into the <Agent_Home>\wily directory.

  3. Update the introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile property, in the IntroscopeAgent.Profile file to include the names of any new files, separated by commas.
    In the following example, a directives file named petstore.pbd has been added:


    >> Note: Do not remove any ProbeBuilder List files already in the property, just add your custom PBD to the end of the list.

  4. Save the IntroscopeAgent.Profile

  5. Restart the application (for ASP.NET, restart IIS)


Component: APMAGT