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PM - What type of reports are categorized as "Other" as per the Repository.Retain.Other.Reports.Hours attribute


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


After checking the retention settings for the reports by going to below link, what are the reports that are categorized as "Other"?

Do this retention values applies for all the scheduled reports (dashboards and On-demand reports)?


Repository.Retain.Daily.Reports.Days 30
Repository.Retain.Hourly.Reports.Hours 168
Repository.Retain.Monthly.Reports.Months 12
Repository.Retain.Other.Reports.Hours 24
Repository.Retain.Quarterly.Reports.Quarters 12
Repository.Retain.Weekly.Reports.Weeks 12
Repository.Retain.Yearly.Reports.Years 5



Any release


The reports that have been executed as "Run Now" or for a particular date are categorized as "Other". From the code:

Case DATE:
Case NOW:
 return ReportMetdata.RerportDuration.Other;

case DAILY:
 return ReportMetdata.RerportDuration.Daily;

The retention setting for "Other" reports are set to 24 hours. This applies to all FULL PDF/CSV emails that we store and send links to PC to download.