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how to schedule a test to run only once


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The scheduling feature to schedule a Blazemeter test is explained in this article. It results in a schedule that is invoked at least once a year. However sometimes the need may exist to schedule a Blazemeter test to run only once. How can this be accomplished?


The official crontab syntax does not allow for a year to be specified. So whatever schedule is specified, it will be repeated each year.


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As of now there is no formal solution. 

As a workaround, create a schedule when you want the test to run. Include a JMeter Tear Down Threadgroup in your JMeter script to be executed after the normal test has completed. In that thread group include an HTTP sampler that updates the current schedule and mark it as disabled as described in 

Another possibility would be to use the AT command to schedule a curl command that starts the test as explained in 


Additional Information

The feature request to enable one time only schedules has been submitted already. You may want to vote it up on 

The more people vote for it, the more likely it is considered for implementation by the R&D department.