Performance impact for Post Preservation activation
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Performance impact for Post Preservation activation


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We're running a Web Agent and we want to enable a Session Store on the
Policy Server in order to provide logout funtionality. We'd like to
know how to see if there would be any performance issues on the Web
Agent, Policy Server and Policy Store. 

How can we investigate that ?




At first glance, in order to evaluate performances of a new
application or new settings, it's highly recommended to set the same
configurations on lower environment and then to lead load testing.

Once your environment set, you need to set full tracing on the Web
Agent and Policy Server in order to identify eventual bottlenecks.

For these tasks, if you need assistance, we would direct you to our
Service department :


To identify the eventual bottlenecks in your environment, put load on
it and gather the following :

  - Full Web Agent logs and traces;
  - Full Web Server access and error logs;
  - Full Policy Server logs and traces
    For the traces, enable the Profiler with all Components and all Data;

In order to get reports about performances of each component, use the
following tool to run against the files generated above.

  Siteminder Policy Trace Analysis