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UIM 20.3.2 cannot download SLA Report in PDF


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have already applied the current hotfix: that resolves this issue (KB UIM 20.3.1 - SLA export PDF issue)

However, while using UIM 20.3.2, when trying to download SLA reports the browser loads and never downloads the SLA. There is no error message.




missing SLO data/Calculation. SLA/SLO not calculating properly (Fullfillment = EMPTY)


Release : 20.3



This issue can be observed in UIM 20.3.2 if the SLA for which it is attempted to download a PDF for contains an SLO that is not calculating properly or if it doesn't have any data. For example, if the SLO under a SLA shows an empty fulfilment value the SLA won't be exported to PDF. 

If you have upgraded UIM from previous versions (9.x) this issue may be observed with upgraded SLA's for which data is no longer valid or correctly calculated. To ensure an SLA is exportable to PDF ensure that it is calculated correctly. If a SLA still doesn't calculate correctly try to re-create the SLA from scratch. 

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