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Setting up Operator Console and CABI with F5 load balancer using SSL Offloading


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have an F5 load balancer that is configured for SSL off loading. The F5 VIP is HTTPS which routes to the Operator Console using HTTP.

How can we configure the F5 with UIM to make this work?


Release : 20.3



1. Create two VIPs on the F5 load balancer. One for the Operator console URL and one for the CABI server url.

     a. CABI - external: https://(your cabi

       CABI - internal: https://(your cabi

     b. OC - https://(your operator console server.fqdncom)/

2. Deactivate the cabi or cabi_external probe (depending on which one you use)

3. Change the value of the cabi_url configuration key to the VIP url for CABI which you have set in the F5 according to the steps above

4. Deactivate the Operator Console wasp probe.

5. Log onto the OC server and delete the <UIM install dir>/probes/service/wasp/work directory

6. Activate the OC server wasp probe and wait until it has a pid and port (fully started)

7. Activate the cabi/cabi_external probe and wait for the log entry showing that the synch of the users is completed.


Now you should be able to access Operator Console via the VIP URL you set in the F5, while viewing the CABI reports inline without Mixed Content warnings or other errors/failures.