Receiving error message 'compiled version deleted by smartedit' when executing an sbx procedure
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Receiving error message 'compiled version deleted by smartedit' when executing an sbx procedure


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Receive the following message:"Compiled version of this procedure deleted by SmartEdit "
Restored my Ramis database and still get the error.
Tried recompiling with Save, that gives me an error as well.
Should we be able to restore my database and get back to where we started?


Release : 7.4

Component : CA Ramis


Here is some information that may assist you. Maybe the process you followed is the issue.

The message indicates that you used SMARTEDIT to SAVE or FILE a SBX (assumption here) source member but then did not re-COMPILE your procedure after you exited Smartedit. Smartedit is designed to 'delete' the compiled version when SAVE/FILE of the source has been done.
This is to help the user keep the source and compiled versions in sync. After exit Smartedit,

Recommend you perform a COMPILE proc END to recompile.

Another possibility is to try this or you are already trying to perform this type of process:

In order to COMPILE an SBX procedure (type SBX), you need to surround your Ramis non-procedural        
statements in a "DEFER block":                                    
   your Ramis statements                                          
By doing this, SBX will not attempt to compile your Ramis statements - only your SBX logic statements - if you decide to add procedural logic to this.                                  
Otherwise, use type REQUEST instead of type SBX. With REQUESTs, there is no need to compile. You invoke the request via RUN command. Outside of SMARTEDIT, do RUN Requestname.
All of this information is documented in Ramis manual  :

   System Building Executive (SBX). 


Suggest you add                                   
    SET MSG=0                                                  
    to the beginning of your requests so that you can see all  
    the informational messages issued - for your debugging and  
    understanding of your applications.