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Traps get ignored by Spectrum although the threshold has been increased


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CA Spectrum


The traps_per_sec_storm_threshold attribute has been increased from the default 20 into 1000.

The number of incoming traps are less than 1000 but Spectrum does not process incoming traps.




Verify if the device has been modeled via Secure Domain Manager (SDM/SDC).

If the device is modeled via SDM/SDC, you need to set the traps_per_sec_storm_threshold attribute on the SDM model instead of on the device itself.

The SDM/SDC connection allows 20 traps per second by default before it stops processing traps.

  1. In OneClick navigate to the Secure Domain Manager
  2. Select the Attribute Tab and filter for traps_per_sec_storm_threshold.
  3. Increase the value as necessary.

NOTE: Please be aware that this setting can impact the performance of the SpectroSERVER therefore increase the value of the attribute carefully and monitor your system afterwards. Please reference knowledge document KB000095234 for more information.

Additional Information

Please reference the "How Trap Storm Detection Works" section of the documentation for more information.