OPSVIEW Error messages in panels 4.11.1 and 4.11.2 after maintenance
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OPSVIEW Error messages in panels 4.11.1 and 4.11.2 after maintenance


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


It can occur that, after a maintenance activity done on the product, the refreshed ISPF OPSVIEW Interface gets some strange errors in different panels.

For example : 

-  In 4.11.2 panel (SSM Resource Status),specifying in the "System" field another lpar name in the SYSPLEX, it can be seen the error message : No tables found 
If PF1 is entered  -->  OPZM000C No SSM resource tables matched the table filter criteria

- In 4.11.1 panel (SSM Control), it can be seen the error  : SQL Error RC=8 -7582
If PF1 is entered -->  OPZM001A OPS3202W GET OF 3242336 BYTES IN SUBPOOL X'00' ERROR RC=X'00000004' REQUESTED BY   OPSMMG+X'000798'

What's the possible cause of the problem and how can it be bypassed/solved?



Release :  

Component : OPS/MVS


If the TSO/ISPF Logon proc is the correct one that does contain all the refreshed modules/panels/items after the maintenance activity, then it could be that  the TSO user is running out of storage in the TSO session, or it just does not allocate enough at logon time.

So a possible solution is to increase the memory size at TSO logon to have the new version of OPSVIEW working properly.

If this doesn't solve the problem, the suggestion is to open a case for OPSMVS in Broadcom Support Site