FTE 'Totals' values are incorrect
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FTE 'Totals' values are incorrect


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When the unit of measure is set to FTE the values in the 'Totals' fields are incorrect / shifting. This occurs in places where the generic Totals & Per-Period Metrics (Timescale) are available for configuration. 

This occurs for the STAFF and ASSIGNMENTS Module where the FTE unit of measure is applied to the 'unit' fields such as Allocation, Hard Allocation, Actuals, and ETC.  

An FTE is a full-time equivalent over the entire date range and should not be a simple sum of all the periods. 


  1. Create a Project that has a date range of more than one fiscal time period
    • January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021
  2. Add Staff, Tasks, and Assignments
  3. Configure the STAFF Module with the following options: 
    •    The stock number(scalar) fields for Allocation and ETC
    •    'Totals' for Allocation, ETC  
    •    Per-Period Metrics for Allocation, ETC 
    •    Period Type = Monthly 
    •    Start Date = Project Start  
    •    Finish Date = Project Finish
  4. Set the User's SETTINGS, GENERAL to Hours
    • View the data in Hours - the scalar values match the 'Totals'  Set the User's SETTINGS, GENERAL to Days
  5. Set the User's SETTINGS, GENERAL to Days 

    • View the data in Days - the scalar values match the 'Totals' 

  6. Set the User's SETTINGS, GENERAL to FTE
    • View the data in FTE - the scalar values DO NOT match the 'Totals'
    • The 'Totals - Allocation' value shows 6 as compared to the number(scalar) Allocation value of 1
    • Each of the 6 Monthly Period is showing 1 FTE as expected, however the 'Totals' shows 6 when we would expect it to show 1 FTE
  7. Enter a value in the 'Totals' Allocation field to set it to 2 FTE
    • Watch the value change from 2 to 12 (2 FTE for 6 periods)
    • Compare this to the number(scalar) Allocation value and it correctly shows 2 
  8. Repeat for each of the different 'unit' fields on the STAFF and ASSIGNMENT Modules 

Expected Result: The 'Totals' values match the scalar values. For 1 person that is allocated 100% the FTE =1, however the 'Totals' amount is inflated because of the number of periods shown.

Actual Result: The 'Totals' values DO NOT match the scalar values when the view is configured to cover the entire duration of the investment. 


Component: Clarity Project Management

Release: 15.9.1


Caused by DE59601


Fixed in Clarity (15.9.1 patch 1) and 15.9.2