Sample files required for Client tools POC
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Sample files required for Client tools POC


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CA Identity Suite


I see the below for client tool docs but not able to find the file  ConfigWithRoles.cfg file in the installation path. Can you please help by attaching the sample ConfigWithRoles.cfg  file here. 

Browse to the \Sage Demo folder under the installation directory. Select the ConfigWithRoles.cfg file.
The program opens the.cfg file in the configuration window. When a configuration file is open, three panels are displayed. Each panel shows a different part of the data that comprises a configuration: Users (left panel), Roles (middle panel), and Resources (right panel). 


Also if you have a sample file for each of the below. Can you please attach that as well. This is being requested for lab test and POC. 


You can open several files simultaneously in the main window: configuration files (.cfg), users database (.udb), resources database (.rdb), auditing cards (.aud) and policies (.bpr). The menu bar and toolbar expand to include available options relevant to the type of data files that is active.


Release : 14.2



on my server all of the files you are requesting are located here:

C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Governance\Client Tools\Sage Demo

You may want to re-run the installer to make sure the samples are installed if this folder does not exit for you.