Authority Levels for SQM0, Using CA 7 Internal
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Authority Levels for SQM0, Using CA 7 Internal


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CA 7 Workload Automation


Why am I able to successfully issue the 'XQ' command, which takes me to the QM.2.X panel and get denied access to post a requirement?


WA CA 7 Edition


The XQ panel (QM.1-X) is the main panel for the XQ command. It has sub-panels; QM.2, QM.3 etc.., up to QM.7. All of these sub-panels has values that should be less than what your have for SQM0 in SASSSECI. Each of these sub-panels must have READ=0,ADD=0,UPD=0,DEL=0, that show less than the value you give for any user in SASSSECI. When the value of these settings are less than the value in the SASSSECI, the user is able to access the sub-panels.