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What changes IDB2 PTF SO14624 brings?


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS Database Management for DB2 for z/OS - Performance Suite Database Management for DB2 for z/OS - SQL Performance Suite


What's going on with PTF SO14624?  This is supposed to resolve a problem in Thread History Menu.  What changes this PTF is bringing to this panel? Currently Option 6 on main menu( thread history menu) looks like this:

 This is R/MTHDHS6N not THstSel1.  U get here following these steps:

6  Thread History

Then 2 List all Threads(R/HTLIST)

From R/HTLIST select one entry

From R/HTDETL        Thread History Overview select 6 More...


THstSel1                Thread History Selection                    Page 1 of 5
 Specify selection criteria then use the List or Summary PF Key                
   Begin Time  HHMMSS  . . .  075358          End Time  HHMMSS  . . .  235959  
   Begin Date  MMDDYY  . . .  012521          End Date  MMDDYY  . . .  012521  
   Plan Names . .                                                              
   Auth IDs . . .                                                              
   Connections  .                                                              
   Correlation IDs  .                                                          
   Packages . . . . .                                                          
   Remote Locations .                                                          
   End User IDs . . .                                                          
   Workstation Names.                                                          
   Trans Nms                                                                   
   DB2 Roles                                                                   


Release : 20.0

Component : CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS



The PTFSO14624 is about R/MTHDHS6N not THstSel1.  These are the steps to get to R/MTHDHS6N:

6 Thread History

Then 2 List all Threads(R/HTLIST)

From R/HTLIST select one entry

From R/HTDETL Thread History Overview select 6 More...

Menu Print Tools Help CA SYSVIEW for DB2 D12A CA31 01/27/21 14:42:56
20.0 D12APR20 NTUJE01

R/MTHDHS6N Thread History Detail Menu


__ 1 Remote Locations 13 Parallelism / Misc / IAG / Workfile
2 SQL Counts 14 Resource Limit Facility
3 List Prefetch / RID Pool
4 Packages (coll, SP/UDF, trigger)
5 IFI Counts / Data Capture
6 Group Buffer Pools
7 Global Locking
8 Dynamic Prepare / Row Access
9 DB2 Routine Counts
10 Accelerator Services
11 CA SYSVDB2 Accounting Collection