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How to drop old Repository views from the GTREP database


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When attempting to edit a Datapool in Datamaker, we are seeing the following error:

Failed to get definition of MV_82_470_2204

I assume this is because I do not have correct permissions to access views? However, I have Read, Write, Execute and Create View - do I need other permissions on GTREP DB?


This error is seen when a stale view exists for the data pool that you are attempting to edit. The MV views are created anytime a data pool is open for editing. Views can fail or become stale as a result from Datamaker being improperly shut down due to failures or simple hard kills. As part of normal GTREP database maintenance, it is recommended to drop old views from time to time.


Release : 4.9

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Steps for dropping old views from the GTREP repository database:

  1. Launch GT Datamaker, and connect to the GTREP repository by clicking the green connection button in the lower left-hand corner of the UI, and enter your database credentials.

  2. Connect to a Source and Target database (doesn’t really matter which you select).

  3. Once connected, hold down the keys ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘M’ to launch the Datamaker Administrator Login dialog.

  4. Log in as the ‘Administrator’ account. By default, the password is marmite, but it may have changed for your deployment of TDM. Enter the password and click the green checkmark button.

  5. In the ‘Maintain Connections' dialog window, expand the ‘CA Test Data Manager – Datamaker Test Data Repository’ by clicking the ‘+’ button.

  6. Click the ‘Drop old Repository views’. This will launch the ‘Drop old Repository views’ dialog windows, which will ask you if you want to drop views older than a specified number of days. By default, any view older than 3 days will be dropped. 

  7. If you click the ‘Yes’ button, the dialog window will come back and inform you of the number of views dropped. Click ‘OK’ to close.

  8. Optional, you may want to take the time to clean up the various logs:
    • Purge Publish Jobs – dialog opens asking to enter a positive number, by default 90, represent the age (in days) of the jobs you would like to purge. Clicking OK will purge jobs ‘n’ days and older.
    • Purge User Access Logs - dialog opens asking to enter a positive number, by default 90, represents the age (in days) of the logs you would like to purge. Clicking OK will purge logs ‘n’ days and older.
    • Purge Web Logs – Will purge the Weblog records from the gtrep database. A dialog will open confirming the number of rows that were purged.

Additional Information

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