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Endevor Eclipse UI - Where is Add to Endevor button in Compare Element windows?


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


Using Eclipse, add element to local and did some change, then invoke the compare element.

In Eclipse user manual said.

7. If you are satisfied with the merge, click the Add to Endevor button on the top right corner of the compare editor.

8. This will open and Add action dialog or immediately perform the Add action based on the setting in preference.

Look at the top right of the compare windows, cannot find the Add to Endevor button, where is this button?



Release : 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager

Eclipse UI plugin 18.1.7


Currently Broadcom Eclipse UI help Guide is not fully updated, please check help contents under Eclipse Help.

Go to Eclipse and click Help->Help Contents.

Under the scope of CA Endevor SCM plugin for Eclipse help, search for "Merge", get one hit under Elements.

Go to the section called "Compare and Merge Local element" 



Add to Endevor button does not exist when comparing local element with Endevor element. 

(add to Endevor button) will only occur when comparing Endevor element with the next occurance on the lifecycle map inside of Eclipse project.