Assignment Details out of sync in New UX
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Assignment Details out of sync in New UX


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


When updating ETC on the assignment page, changes on the Details flyout / flyer for an assignment are not always synchronized on the assignment list.

This occurs when a change is done on the Details of the assignment and then selecting another assignment from the list of assignments.


  1. Log in to the Modern UX
  2. Select one Project.
  3. Add some Tasks and some Resources to the Staff of the project.
  4. Assign some of the Resources to the Tasks.
  5. Click on the Assignments module.
  6. Click on the Details to expand the Assignments' fly out.
  7. Select one assignment.
  8. Modify the ETC of the assignment on the Details fly out.
  9. Select another assignment/row from the assignments list.

Expected Results: The ETC modified on the assignment in the Details to be synchronized on the assignment list (grid)
Actual Results: Sometimes the value is not being modified in the list, so the value in the Details flyout and the Grid get out of sync for that assignment.


Clarity PPM 15.x


This has been raised as Defect DE59596


This Defect DE59596  will be addressed as from 15.9.2.

Resolution Note: The ETC (scalar) field on the Assignments Module should not allow editing in the fly-out, it is read-only on the grid. 

Instead, the user should use the 'Totals' ETC and the 'Per-Period' ETC cells to edit the ETC on assignments.

The resolution for this issue makes the ETC scalar number field read-only on the fly-out and fixes the synchronization of editing different fields from the fly-out and moving to different rows in the grid. 

Workaround: Refresh the view