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New tasks created in Portal Admin connected to new tasks created in IDM show up blank in Portal


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CA Identity Portal


New Admin Task is created in IDM - usually by copying an existing task.

A new task is created in portal admin and linked to the newly created IDM task.

That task is connected to a form, but then it shows up as blank in Portal.


Release : 14.3

Component : SIGMA-Identity Suite


The forms in identity portal do not read the attributes from the task in IM. You must still add these elements to the form, Please review here:

As the problem came down to not having the task not being added to an admin role, the TEWS user was unable to enact the task that the form was being mapped to. Once we added the task to the admin role the form displays in identity portal as expected.

  This admin role mapping does not copy over when you copy a task because the membership of the task to role is at the role level not the task level.