MTCA config and 404 error
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MTCA config and 404 error


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Completed the install of MTCA and CCS 15.0 message server, CCS message hub and ESM micro services we are attempting to simply test the MTCA product end-to-end. 

We are presented with a HTTP 404. 

URI in this case whas,    where is the IPA and  #### is the port used

We have seemingly configured HTTP and HTTPS (ports #### and ###3 respectively)

At some point I would have expected a HTTP challenge. What we do see (as expected is when mixing incorrect protocols and port numbers)  We also see the local and remote ip/ports active and the tomcat log with a 404 emitted

Could you please assist. Our MTCA deploy job completed (cc=0000) and we see directories log and config 

here are war files and relative dirs


and /cai/CaDeploy/mtca/tomcat/mtca contains 

# cd CaDeploy/mtca/tomcat/mtca         
# ls                                   
conf         logs         mtcaApp.war  

Please let me know if you would like any of these outputs

. OPMOIACG mtca deploy job output

. Tomcat STC joboutput

. Tomcat log 

. server.xml 

or anything else



Release : 14.0



In the OPMOIACX job, the MTCADEPLOY needed to point to a directory other than the Deployed CCS Tomcat directory.

This means first create the new directory, in this instance it was named /cai/CaDeploy/OPS140/

Next in member OPMAIACX , change the MTCADEPLOY value to the new directory: 
          export MTCADEPLOY=/cai/CaDeploy/OPS140   

Then rerun the job.
Verify that newly created /cai/CaDeploy/OPS140/mtca directory exists with members: conf, logs, and mtcaApp.war

Finally, the CATALINA_BASE in **.CAW0OPTV(TOMENVPR) also needs to be updated to point to the /cai/CaDeploy/OPS140 directory

If still incurring the 404 error after making the above changes, reach out to Broadcom Technical Support and provide the following documentation, at a minimum:

*  Copy of the OPMAIACX job output

*  Copy of the TOMCAT STC joboutput

*  TOMCAT log

*  MTCA log

*  server.xml