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Value of varbind is not readable from event in Spectrum AlarmNotifier


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CA Spectrum


The value of the jnxSyslogTimestamp varbind from the 0x03b1008d event is readable in the Events tab in Spectrum OneClick.

However, when the alarm is passed to the AlarmNotifier, the event displays the value as follows:

jnxSyslogTimestamp = 7.E5.1.1C.C.B.7.0.2B.0.0



The raw value of the varbind from the trap is stored in the Archive Manager (DDM) database.

The Event Format file for the 0x03b1008d event is configured to convert the value to a readable format so when it is displayed in OneClick, you see the readable format not the raw format.

However, when the event is passed to the AlarmNotifier, the raw value is passed and there is no functionality to display it in a readable format


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Applications/AlarmNotifier


You will need to modify the AlarmNotifier scripts to convert the raw value to a readable format.