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IP and Siteminder: Unable to open work list item in View my Work list "No items found"


Article ID: 207439


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Portal


Select single Worklists and they display properly.  If you click the back button in the browser and select the same worklist item you see the error:

Any other worklist items once this is displayed will return the same error.

Siteminder is being used. 


Logs show:

06:10:22,619 WARN  [ims.ui] (ajp-/ Unable to determine user from SiteMinder token: No items found
06:10:22,635 WARN  [ims.ui] (ajp-/ Retrying with a newer version of the SMTOKEN.
06:10:22,775 INFO  [ims.ui.ConsolePageFilter] (ajp-/ dispatch=/app/index.jsp


Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)



When you click back in the browser it removes your SMtoken and a new one is not assigned.  You must click "close" on each worklist item once opened to close it.  Using the close button retains your SMtoken so other worklist items will continue to work.  You must use the "close" button on each item opened when you want to close.  If you click "back" in your browser the SMtoken will be removed and any other items will fail.