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Execute a .bat file from the 'Self Service Catalog' in TDM Portal.


Article ID: 207421


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


How to execute a Windows .bat file from the 'Self Service Catalog' in TDM Portal.


Release : 4.9

Component : CA Test Data Manager


1) In the TDM Portal create a Generator with an Action that executes the .bat file.
2) In the same Generator create a configuration that publishes to a txt file.
3) In ARD Explorer create a flow with just a process block.
4) In the process block configure 'Make System Data' with the newly configured Generator by clicking 'set publish'.
5) Save the ARD flow in the TDM repository.
6) Confirm the ARD flow can be seen in TDM Explorer under Self Service Flows. Then tick 'Show in Self Service Catalog'.
7) Confirm that the Flow is shown in the Self Service Catalog and executes the Generator with the .bat.