Client Automation - alertcollector.exe process is stopped
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Client Automation - alertcollector.exe process is stopped


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager


Alertcollector.exe process is stopped.



Client Automation 14.0 - All Service Packs



Sometimes during processing of xml files alertcollector.exe is crashing when doing allocation/deallocation of memory.
caf restarts automatically alertcollector.exe a maximum of 3 times in 1 hour
If there are more than 3 crash of alertcollector.exe within 1 hour, alertcollector is not restarted and remains stopped.


- Delete all old .xml files under C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\AlertCollectorInput
If alertcollector.exe is stopped for a long time, a lot of old alerts may be present in this directory and it may not be necessary to collect them.
- Execute this command on machine with alertcollector to allow a maximum of 10 restarts within 1 hour :
ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/common/caf/processes/alertcollector -pn maxrestarts -v 10