Can I compile my DYL programs to a 31 bit load module or does DYL only support 24 bit? 


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CA Vision:Results


Can I compile my DYLs to a 31 bit load module or does DYL only support 24 bit?  If only 24 bit, is there a way to call a 31 bit Cobol program from within the 24 bit DYL? 


Release : 6.0

Component : CA VISION:Results


1) DYL programs must be amode 24.

2) Cobol or Cobol/LE programs can be amode 31

3) DYL programs in amode 24 can call Cobol programs in amode 31.

Additional Information

Page 293 of Vision Results for z/OS Reference Guide covers link edited amode requirements

Subroutines Link Edited as AMODE(31)

VISION:Results can be customized to support calling subroutines that have been
linked with AMODE(31) and RMODE(any). Because the most recent releases of
IBM COBOL can easily create such subroutines, VISION:Results allows you to
run on a z/OS system, or VSE/ESA 1.3 or later, and CALL subroutines created
with COBOL or Assembler that run above the 16-megabyte line.
Subroutines running above the 16-megabyte line can return to VISION:Results
with either a BSM 0,14 or a BR 14 instruction. Subroutines link edited to run
below the 16-megabyte line continue to work without modifications.