Multiple Alarm Robot Inactive messages


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We having a problem with multiple alarm "robot inactive" created at the same time cause flooding in alert. Are there any solutions so that robot inactive alarm only sends 1 alert to avoid flooding on our alarm server.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - ROBOT


First, to avoid any unusual/unexpected issues, please make sure that the Hub<->robot combinations are the same version/compatible versions. The hub version should be 7.91 or higher.

Second, please check the hub configuration settings in the following KB article:

What is the delay for Robot Inactive Alarm?

robot_missed_update_count specifies how many consecutive missed updates from the robot must occur before the hub begins issuing robot is inactive alarms and it does not affect any other alarms.

Have the robots possibly been decommissioned?

Is the Robot service running on these machines?

In any case for now, if you need to suppress the alarms, you have a few options:

1. Suppress the alarms via the nas Auto Operator. Create a profile with message filter of /.*Robot mdmidmcpapp04 is inactive.*/ or for multiple robots use:

/(.*Robot.*)(.*is inactive.*)/

and list the robots in the Robot field of the AO profile separated by a pipe symbol.


Use an Action of close.

2. Exclude (delete) the alarms via nas preprocessing rule using similar filtering n the message and the sources of the alarms.

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