XCOMU0289E Command failed, RC=xx with SENDJOB


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CA XCOM Data Transport


A SEND JOB transfer was initiated from XCOM on z/OS to XCOM on AIX and received the following messages:

XCOMU0289E Command failed, RC=54     


The actual RC=54 (or any other return code) is returned to XCOM ether from the actual script being executed or from the OS where the script executed. 


Release : 11.6

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for AIX

CA XCOM for z/OS 12.0


In this case message "XCOMU0289E Command failed, RC=54" is returned from XCOM on AIX to XCOM on z/OS.  Review the script or command that executed on the AIX system and determine where the RC=54 came from. 

If the RC=54 or any other value for the return code is not returned by the actual script, then review the errno.h file on that system. The errno.h file will contain a list of system return codes and that can assist with the debugging of the failure of the script or command since this is outside XCOM's scope.

When you initiate a SEND JOB from any platform to another remote system, XCOM depending on the remote system or what you are sending, will wait for the script/command to run and finish. If that script/command fails, then you will receive the "XCOMU0298E Command failed, RC=xx" message. The message and RC will vary from platform to platform. So, in other words, XCOM will return the message with the RC to indicate that a failure happened and the user will have to investigate that failure on the system where the job ran.