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oi_connector probe generating alarms quite frequently - UIM Group Queue is Down


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have oi_connector probe installed on the UIM Primary hub. This probe is quite frequently generating the alarm:

'UIM Group Queue is Down.'

We cannot see any issue with the UIM queues.  


Component : UIM - OI_CONNECTOR


First - upgrade to at least v1.44 of the oi_connector probe which resolves some defects related to queue subscriptions.

Secondly - if you are running UIM 20.1 or higher you should set the following config key on oi_connector in the <setup> section:

subscribe_to_uim_groups = false

The group_info queue is deprecated in UIM 20.1 and higher, so this should be disabled in the probe.