UIM 20.3.0 - System Component Missing error


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CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


We just upgraded UIM 9.0.2 to 20.3. The upgrade went fine but when launch OC we received a popup error " System component missing CA Business Intelligence system component is needed" We found the solution on your site below indicating hotfix robot_update_9.32.zip will correct the issue.



- multiple installation/upgrade configuration issues

- root cause of error was ump_cabi 4.2.2 was deployed in 20.3.0 environment.

- ump_cabi v4.2.1 is required for UIM 20.3.0


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - ROBOT

- Customer followed a few articles but could not avoid the error
- Test environment
- Windows 2016 OS Cabi (Jaspersoft Server)
- cabi bundled

CABI login page-> http://<robot>/cabijs/login.html


Customer could not login directly to cabi with superuser/superuser



Customer originally using IE 11 browser. Customer's End users use IE11 not chrome.
Switched to Chrome since IE 11 is not supported for CABI.

Recommended: cabi on dedicated robot under the Primary hub, not under a secondary hub.

- cabi 4.30
- wasp 20.30
- cabi 8GB RAM
- robot 9.32
- OC was installed and running on the Primary hub in this case
- deleted cabi key in wasp config via Raw configuration since it was placed in the wrong location
- OC contains the 'cabi' key in the wasp probe. 'cabi_url' setting/path should be set in cabi probe not in wasp. cabi url should be set in cabi probe.

cabi robot:
ump_cabi 4.2.2 mistakenly installed on it. Not the right version for UIM 20.3.0.

login to cabi server at:

Error: via F12 browser DEV tools->
'server_info' error
'Page not found" under Network-> 'Response' header
'CA Operator Console - Page Not Found'

wasp error on the Primary showed: "End of stream while trying to read header" and Caused by: java.io.EOFException: End of stream while trying to read header

Note that the cabi portlet is a bridge between OC and the cabi server.

Restarted cabi robot but errors persisted.

After restart of robot, wasp log showed 'Invalid SID' error.

Deployed ump_cabi v4.21 since that is appropriate for 20.3.0.

ump_cabi v4.2.1 is appropriate for 20.3.0.

ump_cabi 4.22 is for 20.3.1

ump_cabi 4.2.3 is for 20.3.2

System Component Missing error was resolved, and most of the pages/icons displayed data.

Advised customer to upgrade to 20.3.2.