How to change the Gen 8.6 aelog.tmp messaging.
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How to change the Gen 8.6 aelog.tmp messaging.


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Gen Gen - Run Time Distributed


The aelog.tmp file is used to log runtime errors in Gen 8.6 Unix/Linux and Windows C online applications.  
The messaging in the file can be changed e.g. to prevent the data portion of the error message from being truncated due to the messaging length, or it can be done simply to customize the error messaging for specific applications.


The user exit tirmtqb.c is used to determine the message formats and is a message table exit that contains the wording formats of the messaging that is written out at runtime to the aelog.tmp file.
It is documented here: Gen™ 8.6 > Distributed Processing > Working With Distributed Processing > User Exits in Distributed Processing.

The file tirmtqb.c is located within directory $IEFH/src within Unix/Linux environments and within directory "%GEN86%/Gen" for the Windows environment.
Once the messaging wording has been customized, the user exit must be rebuilt.
For Unix/Linux, use mkexits within directory $IEFH/make.
For Windows, use mkexits.bat for 32-bit applications within directory "%GEN86%/Gen" or for 64-bit applications use mkexits.bat within directory "%GEN86%/Gen/AMD64".

Additional Information

The aelog.tmp file will be created in the first location specified by the AEPATH environment variable, or if not set, then the AEHOME environment variable directory. 
If the user does not have permission to create or update the file then no errors will be logged but application execution will not be affected.