How to change the aelog.tmp messaging.
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How to change the aelog.tmp messaging.


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The aelog.tmp messaging can be changed when an error message is written to this log file. This can be done to prevent the data portion of the error message from being truncated due to the messaging length, or it can be done simply to customize the error messaging for specific applications.



The Gen application writes out runtime error messaging information to the aelog.tmp file. These messages utilize a user exit to determine the message formats. The user exit is tirmtqb.c. This user exit is a message table exit that contains the wording formats of the messaging that is written out at runtime to the aelog.tmp file. The messaging can be customized to better represent your application when errors are written to aelog.tmp at runtime.

The user exit tirmtqb.c is located within $IEFH/src within Unix/Linux environments and within %GEN85%/Gen for the Windows environment.
Once the messaging wording has been customized, the user exit must be rebuilt. For Unix/Linux, use mkexits within $IEFH/make. For Windows, use mkexits.bat from %GEN85%/Gen to remake this user exit.


Release: KGNDDL99000-8.5-Gen-DBP Developer License