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Gathering remote node information from XCOM OpenVMS Alpha logs


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XCOM Data Transport


How to get information on XCOM client nodes that transfer to the VMS XCOM nodes. Is there any xcom.log in VMS system that we can get this information?


Release : 3.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for OpenVMS Alpha

8.4 Itanium


Yes. The XCOMIP.log files will contain that information. These logs may redirected from the XCOM volume to their SYS$SYSMANAGER volume. This was done based on system configuration, otherwise the log files would be in the expected XCOM volume.

CA XCOM automatically produces a log of all its processing activities called the Transmission Report. Each file transfer transaction and all messages generated during the conversation are time-stamped. This log can serve as an audit trail of all CA XCOM status and activities. Messages will also appear on the user's terminal. The transmission report is a cumulative file of unlimited size. Users can find messages recording the most recent CA XCOM activity at the end of this file.

  1. Log File CA XCOM messages are written to a log file, which can serve as an audit trail of CA-XCOM status and activity.
  2. Some messages are also displayed on the user's terminal, the VMS operator console or sent to the session partner on the remote computer.
  3. All locally initiated transfers are logged in the XCOM.LOG file.
  4. Remotely initiated transfers are logged in the following file: XCOM$IMAGE:XCOMACP_FOR__ON_.log is the access name defined in the EXCOMACP.COM file, and is the gateway node defined in the EXCOMACP.COM file.


Additional Information

The online documentation for XCOM for OpenVms Alpha may be downloaded as a .pdf file.