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cdm: Error from DiscoverProcesses: The system cannot find the file specified.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Sometimes when starting/restarting CDM probe, I see the following error on startup:


Jan 14 16:43:02:678 [10852] cdm: ****************[ Starting ]****************
Jan 14 16:43:02:678 [10852] cdm: cdm 6.50
Jan 14 16:43:02:678 [10852] cdm: Nimsoft Corporation
Jan 14 16:43:03:706 [10852] cdm: port=48009 PID=10072
Jan 14 16:43:04:735 [10852] cdm: Error from DiscoverProcesses: The system cannot find the file specified.


Why does CDM generate this message?


Release : 20.3



This error is benign.  There are a number of potential causes of it that all basically fall into the same category.

CDM collects information on startup, and periodically, about which processes are running in order to include the Top Memory consuming processes in the physical memory alarm.

CDM first gathers the list of processes then tries to locate and examine information about the executable file associated with the process for these alarms.

The error seen here can occur in certain cases such as:

- an itinerant process which was in the list when CDM scanned but which is not associated with a physical executable;
- a temporary process whose executable file may only exist for seconds and no longer exists when CDM goes to look for it;
- filename for some process running in the environment might be corrupted or has been read incorrectly and so we could not locate the file;
- some other reason why the executable process file could not be found when looking for the list of running processes

Ultimately, this error shouldn't impact monitoring and can be safely ignored.