Upgrading to CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition r11.3 from a back-leveled CA 7 release.
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Upgrading to CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition r11.3 from a back-leveled CA 7 release.


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CA 7 Workload Automation


This Knowledge Document outlines considerations when upgrading from a CA 7 Edition pre-r11.0 release.



Release: ESPSEV99000-11.3-CA-7-Extended Support Plus


As with all CA 7 upgrades, you should follow the steps outlined in Chapter 4 of the Installation Guide, Upgrading Your Product.

The following items should also be taken into consideration:

  • Review TEC397234 on our website - support.ca.com, which outlines architectural changes that occurred in r11.0, specifically with the CAIRIM initialization process and how that has changed from ICMDSECT zaps to L2OPTS use.

  • Verify that your current prior run queue, DD name UCC7PRNQ, is no larger than 1022 tracks. If larger than 1022 tracks a DMPQ/MOVQ will be required during the upgrade to CA 7 r11.3.

  • Be aware of changes to how product maintenance is delivered. In earlier releases of CA 7, maintenance was bundled in Service Packs (SPs). Beginning with CA 7 r11.3, CA bundles maintenance in Aggregate Maintenance packages (AMs). They are similar to SPs but unlike SPs, they are not cumulative, meaning they must be applied serially - AM01, AM02, etc. Aggregate Maintenance bundles can found on our website by going to Support By Product, CA Workload Automation CA7 Edition> then under Product Status click on CA Workload Automation CA7 Edition Maintenance Grid.

  • If your new CA 7 r11.3 includes PTF RO32912, a DMPQ/MOVQ will be required during the upgrade. Please refer to Product Information Bulletin RI47594. Note that any backout would require a COLD type start up of CA 7. Any jobs in the queue at the time of the COLD start would need to be manually DEMANDed into CA 7. A DMPQ/MOVQ back to any release prior to r11.1 in not supported.

  • Note that no conversions are required for any CA 7 queue files, checkpoint data set, or database files. If you use new files for your CA 7 r11.3 instance, a DMPQ/MOVQ will be required, as well as database, ARF, and VRM restores must be performed. Refer to the CA Workload Automation

  • CA 7 Edition Systems Programmer Guide for backup and restore procedures and utilities.