Gen RI Triggers for Linux Static/Archive versus Dynamic/Shared


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CA Gen CA Gen - Run Time Distributed CA Gen - Workstation Toolset


Attempting generate Static RI Trigger Library <RI_Filename>.a but only see Dynamic library <RI_Filename>.so for Linux.


Release : CA Gen 8.5 and 8.6

Component : CA Gen Generator, Distributed


When 'generating' the triggers on the Toolset for Linux, the .rmt remote file created from this generation is not going to be static (archive) or dynamic (shared).  Users would set the generation defaults similar to this, for the RI generation. 

Note that the type of install is 'Remote', creating a Cascade.rmt file to be 'built' on the Linux Gen Implementation Toolset (Build Tool). 

In order to make the RI Trigger Library Static (Archive) during the build process, users would need to set the profile token 'OPTIONS.OPT.LIBTYPE=ARCHIVE' within the user profile file that is referenced during the build process.

Regarding the profile token, it is the same in 8.5 as in 8.6, it is either set to 'SHARED' or 'ARCHIVE' for this token within the user profile file for the token 'OPTIONS.OPT.LIBTYPE'.  If the token is not set, the default is 'SHARED'. 

Reference the documentation link here: 

The profile file referenced during the build process is of the naming convention 'user.<profile_name>.profile', this file contains the tokens needed from the above documentation reference.