Approver Group Disqualification When Deleting an Element
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Approver Group Disqualification When Deleting an Element


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Approver Group Disqualification is Active.

User1 created the Package so is disqualified.

User2 didn't touch the package or the current level of the Element and is also Disqualified. What is causing this?


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


User2 was found to have updated a previous level of the element that is in the package.   As per the Endevor documentation under the title "What Disqualifies an Approver"  it states: 

Change level check--  Next the change levels for the Element are checked. If no levels exist, processing is complete for that Element action and the next Element action is processed. If change levels exist, the approver ID is compared to each change level. If the user is found in a change level, a check is made to see if that same level exists up the map. If the same level is found up the map, the approver is qualified. If the same level is not found up the map or the Element does not exist up the map, the approver is disqualified.

Basically this means that if a user is found on any level in the element and/or If that level is not also up the map - Then the approval is disqualified. 

This would apply to a delete to a Element that is at the top of the map.  It is normally a delete is done to Elements at the top of the map. When this is done all levels are being deleted.   So the disqualification is required as the user is involved in change to a level that is being deleted.

To allow the change Approver Group Disqualification should be deactivated for this change then re-activated.