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How do you trigger the Data Aggregator ( DA ) to discover a Virtual Network Assurance ( VNA ) device automatically?


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How do you trigger the Data Aggregator ( DA ) to discover a VNA device automatically?


In Performance Management ( PM ) 20.2.1, a parameter in the DA REST UI was introduced to allow the ability to trigger the DA to automatically discover a VNA device by SNMP


Release: 20.2.1+


1. The first item we need to set this parameter is the ID of the DiscoveryDefaultConfig profile.  This can be obtained by accessing the following URL:


Once here make a note of the <ID>#</ID> block, for example we will use this entry: <ID>6</ID>


2. Once we have the ID we can construct the REST call to change the parameter from false to true:

a. URL: http://daHostname:8581/rest/discoverydefaultconfig/ID

b. Method: PUT

c. Header: Context-Type: application/xml

d. Body: 

<DiscoveryDefaultConfig version="1.0.0">


As an alternative you can construct a CURL command like the below using the same information as noted above:

curl --header "Content-Type: application/xml" --request PUT --data '<DiscoveryDefaultConfig version="1.0.0"><DiscoverVNADeviceAsSnmpManageable>true</DiscoverVNADeviceAsSnmpManageable></DiscoveryDefaultConfig>' --url http://daHostname:8581/rest/discoverydefaultconfig/6

Additional Information

This will only discover new devices via SNMP. If you have VNA devices that exist before this setting is implemented, these will need to be discovered manually.