Post GCP migration restriction to SEP Mobile SIEM connections
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Post GCP migration restriction to SEP Mobile SIEM connections


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Endpoint Protection


On December 7 2020, SEP Mobile customers were sent a communication from [email protected]

Subject: Port protocol update for GCP migration



Required port and protocol update for GCP migration

As part of SEP Mobile's migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we will be updating our UDP port connections to a TLS-encrypted syslog of TCP. Due to this update, your SEP Mobile admin will need to configure your SIEM system port(s) before making any update to your configuration in the management console.

Please follow the instructions provided in our UI to download the new certificate and upload it to your SIEM. You can then test the integration leveraging the test functionality found via the management console.

To make these updates, navigate to the SEP Mobile Management Console > Settings > Integrations > Security Incidents Feed and make the following changes:

  • 1. Update the Protocol to SSL/TLS (over TCP).
  • 2. Update the Port to 443.

For further information regarding ports and protocols for SEP Mobile please refer to this article.

As always, for further details on our migration to GCP, please visit our FAQ. To stay informed regarding SEP Mobile product availability please subscribe to our Endpoint Security Status Page.

Thank you for your continued partnership and for your patience.