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CA Systems Performance for IM (SystemEdge) CA Spectrum

Issue/Introduction had new community string updates as well as the community string used to model the SystemEdge remote server on SpectroServers. The new community strings are successfully polled via port 1691 by both Primary and Secondary SpectorServers. Although the sysedge.log on the remote server has multiple messages stating authentication failures using the old community string that was updated and no longer exist on the Primary and Secondary SpectroServers. Messages continue after the SystemEdge remote server was deleted from the Primary and Secondary SpectorServers.

Messages found on sysedge.log 

Authentication failure caused by read access from 'Primary' with community 'old-string'
Authentication failure caused by read access from 'Secondary' with community 'old-string'


Found attributes CiscoUCSServiceProfileProxyRedirector and VM_SNMP_VMWareProxyRedirector on both the primary and secondary SpectroServers.


Release : 12.9

Component : VPM GENERAL


It appears these attributes are associated with the SysEdge VMware AIM which was running on the server a few years ago. I deleted the attributes from both the primary and secondary SpectroServers at which point stopped the bad polls to the SysEdge server.