Unable to find a device when searching for its name
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Unable to find a device when searching for its name


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


When searching for a device that has a different Name and Alias, we are unable to find it by searching for its name but we can find it if searching for its alias.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Either the user has configured Item Name Display Setting to show Use Item Name Alias in their User Settings or the Role Right View Item Name Alias Only is configured for the user's assigned role.

From the documentation, Role Rights:

  • View Item Name Alias Only
    Lets users see only the aliases for items.


This can be seen for all users. If seen for users using Roles other than the default Administrator Role, the following documentation details show how to edit the Role Rights to resolve this.

If this is observed for users assigned the Administrator Role, this is related to defects DE491955/DE503128 which are currently scheduled to be resolved in DX Netops Performance Management 21.2.2

The cause is the Administrative Role has both the "View Item Display Name or Alias" and "View Item Name Alias" Role Rights assigned. They conflict and cause the Search results issue. The problem is the Role Rights for the default Administrator Role are not editable. The solution is to disable the use of the "View Item Name Alias" Role Right. To do that for the Administrator Role requires taking the following steps.

  1. Open a terminal to the Performance Center server.
  2. Navigate to the (default path) /opt/CA/MySql/bin directory.
  3. Enter the MySql prompt with the following command. Enter the password when prompted.
    • ./mysql -uroot -p
  4. Set the prompt to use the netqosportal DB with the command:
    1. use netqosportal;
  5. Run the following command which will disable (set Enabled='N' for No) the "View Item Name Alias" Role Right for the default Administrator Role.
    • update role_access_rights set enabled='N', updatedon=UNIX_TIMESTAMP() where roleid=3 and AccessRightName='ViewItemNameAliasOnly';
  6. Type 'exit' to exit the MySql prompt.
  7. In the Netops Portal web UI, edit the Administrators role
  8. Select DX Netops and click edit
  9. Verify "View Item Alias Name Only" does not appear on the left or right
  10. Click OK
  11. Click Save

Performance Center should update its cache in memory with the new value. If that doesn't appear to resolve the problem at first, try restarting the Performance Center console and SSO services. As the root user or install owner run the following to stop the services.

  1. systemctl stop caperfcenter_console
  2. systemctl stop caperfcenter_sso

Start the services again with the following commands:

  1. systemctl start caperfcenter_console
  2. systemctl start caperfcenter_sso

If the problem remains after taking those steps for the users with the default Administrator Role, please open a new support case for additional input. When doing so be sure to reference this Knowledge Base article.

Additional Information

Do you have an NFA Data Source added to a DX NetOps Performance Management environment where this issue is seen?

If the fix steps from this article are applied, after a Full NFA Synchronization via user request or PC Portal server reboot trigger, the issue will be reset. Affected users assigned to the Administrator Role will see the problem again.

The only solutions available are upgrading to r21.2.2 or newer releases, or re-applying the above solution steps after a Full NFA Synchronization is triggered.