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The Anonymize PII job completes but not updating APII flag or PII Last Updated Date fields


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The Anonymize PII job is getting completed successfully and even anonymizing the default fields. But it is not clearing the APII flag and the PII Last Updated Date is not getting populated. What could be the reason for this?

The company is not using Data Warehouse.


Release : 15x


  • According to the code of SP COP_PII_ANONYMIZE_SP the fields will only update if the parameter p_dblink_count = 0, this is the DBLINK parameter and it's likely passing a wrong value.
  • Looks like in the logic it's checking in table DWH_CFG_AUDIT if there is data there and sets the variable / parameter p_dblink based on that.
  • Connect to the Data Warehouse database and run:
  • Load Data Warehouse job populates this table. Since you're not using Data Warehouse but have some of it set up, it's getting confused. It's possible either remove the data or fully configure Data Warehouse to get past this.
  • Please try truncating DWH_CFG_AUDIT table and running PII job after that. This should resolve the issue, and it will be safe provided Data Warehouse is not getting used.