Setup Package Ship via Endevor Web Services
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Setup Package Ship via Endevor Web Services


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Customization has been done to C1BMXNDM to set up Endevor ISPF/Batch package ship, transmission method is NDM. 

Using SHIPMENT from ZOWE CLI or Endeovr Eclipse UI the process is initiated from Endevor webservices. Manual states that SHIPPCON will be initiated.  Is it possible to invoke the old customization initiated via C1BMXNDM from webservice (that is to plug APIHJC to automatically launch C1BMXNDM instead of SHIPCONN) ?



Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager 18.0.12


For now, It is not possible to directly "plug" C1BMXNDM to SHIPCONN procedure because C1BMXNDM is an ISPF skeleton. Any customizations done to C1BMXNDM need to be done in SHIPCONN as well.

Enhancement that would call SHIPCONN (or any other SHIPxxxx) procedure with PKG and DEST parameters is on Endevor product backlog.