Low speed receiving files from XCOM for z/OS to HP NonStop XEON


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CA XCOM Data Transport


Started receiving files to HP NonStop XEON from XCOM for z/OS, but the performance is slow.

How to improve performance?





Release : 11.1

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Hp NonStop


The performance was improved by:

 1) Updating the firmware & software of the Network CLIM (NCLIM).  The ^DBS firmware level solved some issues with streaming transfers when the failover type is set to “ATCP”. One way to verify this, is to switch the failover type from atcp to utc , and retry the transmissions. Upgrading the firmware improved the transfer rate from 300KB/s to 1.5MB/s.

2)  1.5MB/s was still slow compared with the old server transfer rates (8MB/s). It was then discovered that the destination disk, was a mechanical disk and the WriteCache feature wasn’t enabled. Turning it on, improved everything.  30MB/s for a single transfer, and 9MB/s when executing 5 parallel transfers.