CA Spool V14.0 new ESFNODE member, PRTADD, PRTDEL and PRTMOD commands
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CA Spool V14.0 new ESFNODE member, PRTADD, PRTDEL and PRTMOD commands


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Does enablement of the Online Printer Feature truly required that NODEs be added to the ESFNODE member ? Can we enable this feature while retaining NODE definitions in ESFPARM, and expect al printers to be functional ?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


To enable the new feature Online Printer Feature, the V14.0 installation guide states that NODE definitions from ESFPARM should be moved to ESFNODE. However, ESFNODE supports only a small subset of NODE Keywords supported in ESFPARM. Unsupported NODE keywords in the ESFNODE data set will prevent the printer from displaying in the PO display. Thus, unsupported keywords are required to be removed before addition to ESFNODE, and these unsupported keywords then have to be compensated for in DEFNODE statements of ESFPARM. 

All printers will be functional be them in the ESFNODE member or in the normal ESFPARM concatenation but only the nodes in the ESFNODE member will be shown in the PO panel.

Although moving the nodes to ESFNODE is not required, IF you want to see ALL printer nodes in the PO panel you must perform this movement. 

The only keywords supported in the ESFNODE member are: ALIAS, GROUP, VPS, LOCATION, TCPHOST and TCPPRT

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