VARA EXEC with dynamic variables which cant be resolved lead to WP trace and dump
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VARA EXEC with dynamic variables which cant be resolved lead to WP trace and dump


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Some VARA EXEC when previewed or when executed within a Worflow, can throw a UC4Dump... file and generates an entry in the Quarantine Section. The WP in charge of this action stops working but remains greyed out as a ghost process in the Administration View and a new WP is automatically started by the Service Manager.

In the Quarantine:

The UC4DUMP file begins with:

20210118/143835.558 - Signal 11 (SEGV) at 0x1 with code 1

The Service Manager logs contains the following kind of messages:

20210118/143835.960 - U00022012 Der Prozess 'DA4Server-WP10/UC4 WP-Server [DA4#WP010] - 7 Connections' (ID '37940') hat sich beendet. 20210118/143835.960 - U00022022 Der Prozess 'DA4Server-WP10/UC4 WP-Server [DA4#WP010] - 7 Connections' wurde beendet, Exitcode='0(6)'. 20210118/143835.960 - U00022038 Das Service 'DA4Server-WP10' wird in '60' Sekunden automatisch gestartet. 20210118/143938.454 - U00022004 Der Prozess 'DA4Server-WP10' soll gestartet werden ... 20210118/143938.454 - U00022005 ... mit Kommandozeile '../../server/bin/ucsrvwp ucsrv_DA4.ini -svc0x1154c60ort'. 20210118/143938.454 - U00022006 ... und Startverzeichnis '../../server/bin'. 20210118/143938.454 - U00022007 Der Prozess 'DA4Server-WP10' (ID '64929') wurde erfolgreich gestartet.

The impacted WP may content in its logs:

20200626/154533.896 - Signal 11 (SEGV) at (nil) with code 1
20200626/154533.897 - U00009907 Memory dump 'Parameter List ' (Address='0x7fff8cbab310', Length='1296')

All tests were done with the AE instance is started with the paramater exception=0 in the ucsrv.ini file.

Even if this behavior is not normal it suits what the documentation explains about the the exception handling:



Release : 12.3.4 Component : AUTOMATION ENGINE


This is bug in AE discovered of the AE


Fixed in 12.3.5 of AE : 

Additional Information

An error has been fixed where a WP Dump occured when a VARA EXEC used dynamic variables in bind parameters, that WPs are unable to resolve.