Unable to find the Siteminder Agent for Websphere
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Unable to find the Siteminder Agent for Websphere


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We're planning to install ASA Agent for WebSphere and we'd
like to get the link to download this Agent installer.

Where can we find it ?




At first glance, to install ASA Agent on WebSphere, you need
to download the ASA Agent 12.0SP2 as per our Support Matrix :

  SiteMinder 12.0 Application Server Agents, includes updates for base
  release and all later CRs/SPs for this release

To download it :

  - Go to : 

    Insure that you're logged in;

  - In "Search Your Product", write : "SINGLE SIGN ON" and click on the link
    "SINGLE SIGN" ON that will appear just below;

  - Search for "Layer7 SiteMinder Agent for IBM WebSphere MULTI-PLATFORM";

  - Once found, make sure that RELEASE column is set to "12.0" and
    "SERVICEPACK" is set to "SP2";

  - Then click on the Download cloud image on the right to download
    "HTTP Via Internet Browser";